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Phi Theta Kappa Information, Chapter Forms, Meeting Notes, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



The following forms and meeting notes are in PDF format and may be viewed using Adobe Reader.  If you do not have this program, it is available to download for free.  Simply click on the image below or go to the Adobe website at



Chapter Forms


Spring 2024 Orientation and Induction Information

Phi Theta Kappa New Member Application

Phi Theta Kappa Introduction Video (1:08)

Chapter Meeting Minutes

Chapter Meeting Minutes - October, 2023

Chapter Meeting Minutes - September, 2023

Chapter Meeting Minutes - August, 2023

Chapter Meeting Minutes - July, 2023

Chapter Meeting Minutes - April, 2023

Chapter Meeting Minutes - March, 2023

Chapter Meeting Minutes - January, 2023

Chapter Meeting Minutes - November, 2022

Chapter Meeting Minutes - October, 2022

Chapter Meeting Minutes - August, 2022

Chapter Meeting Minutes - July, 2022

Chapter Meeting Minutes - June, 2022

Chapter Meeting Minutes - May, 2022



Phi Theta Kappa Five Star Chapter Plan


2024 Five Star Chapter Plan Requirements (PDF)

Phi Theta Kappa Five Star Chapter Plan Site



Phi Theta Kappa Programs & Information Sites


Competitive Edge

Employment Edge

Research Edge

Transfer Edge

Leadership Development Studies

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Case Study Challenge

PTK CONNECT (login required)

Nota Bene Anthology/Literary Competition

Phi Theta Kappa Foundation

Phi Theta Kappa Store



Frequently Asked Questions


Q :Is Phi Theta Kappa a fraternity?

A :Phi Theta Kappa is not a fraternity but rather an organization (referred to as a Society) for enriching the two year college student's educational experience.


Q : What kind of time commitment does Phi Theta Kappa membership require?

A :Phi Theta Kappa membership does not have a "required" number of hours to remain in good standing. As with all things in life, though, the rewards one receives are always proportional to the effort one exerts.


Q : When and where are chapter meetings?

A :Alpha Nu Sigma chapter meetings are held at the times and locations most convenient to the majority of members. For those unable to attend, news will be posted on the chapter website and available on the Alpha Nu Sigma Facebook page (


Q : What about fees?

A :As of January 1, 2020, the Phi Theta Kappa International Membership fee is $60. It is paid only once. Members are also required to pay a one-time regional fee of $10 and a local fee of $15 to help with the expenses of operating the chapter so as of January 2017 the total fee to join the Alpha Nu Sigma chapter is $85.00.


Q : What if I move after being inducted into Phi Theta Kappa? How do I update my address with Headquarters?

A :Members can easily update their information with Headquarters by using the Member Tools > Complete/Update Your Profile link from the Member tab on the Phi Theta Kappa website at .


Q : I'd like to stay involved as an Alumni after I graduate. How do I find out more about Alumni resources?

A : Once inducted, you are a member for life! Alumni are a valued part of the Phi Theta Kappa family. Phi Theta Kappans are considered alumni when they leave the chapter in good standing through graduation, transfer or other means. Visit the online Alumni resources, which includes an Alumni Association Directory at




Phi Theta Kappa 100 Years (Video)

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